Busy Baby Week: Day 7 – Treasure Basket

Arrrrgh! Today we be huntin’ for treasure! OK, so we might not be up to playing pirates yet, but we are up for exploring the unknown.

⚠️ WARNING : all homemade toys come with a risk and your baby should not be left alone with them. Check toys regularly for damage and, if required, discard responsibly. ⚠️

Treasure Baskets

First of all, you may want to consider a theme to your basket.

Themes Include:
• Natural materials
• Different sounds
• Bright colours
• Soft items

A few things we had in our basket today…

Next, you will need a basket. You want your little one to be able to sit comfortably and reach in for things, so don’t use a basket that is too deep. Make sure to look for something that isn’t sharp or too fragile, as some wicker baskets snap easily and can cause injury to an inquisitive tot.

Now you need to fill your basket. Depending on your theme, your contents will change.

Some popular items to use are:
• Nail brush
• Natural sponge
• Emergency blanket (these make a great noise but can be a suffocation risk if left unattended)
• Small bottle containing rice or other dry ingredients
• Brightly coloured scarves
• Large feathers
• Rolling pin
• Pine cone
• Bells
• Bangles

Teddy loves exploring each item one by one

It’s important to stay with your little one as some of the contents can be hazardous. Use this as an opportunity to talk to your little one as they explore, describing the textures and sounds, helping to build their vocabulary and strengthen your bond. This activity is a joy because you get to witness learning right before your eyes, watching your little one grow with exploration and play.

What did your little munchkin enjoy discovering? Is there a new favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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