About Us


Wife, Mother & Creator of Our Whimsical World

A devoted mother of one, wife of another and travel enthusiast; my hope is to inspire others to enjoy our beautiful planet, understand it’s vulnerability and learn how we can preserve it in all of its natural splendour. I also love all things Disney – parks, movies, music… you could say I’m obsessed!

How Our Story Began

Since graduating university in 2012, Joe and I have enjoyed many holidays, but now we’re parents life has changed! Prior to the arrival of our son, I was a branch manager for a well-known travel agency. This gave me the unique opportunity to spend time planning other traveller’s journeys to far-flung corners the globe… but now it’s my turn!

As a wise man once said…

“It’s time to quit talking and begin doing”

Walter Elias Disney

And so our journey begins!


Husband, Father & Photographer for Our Whimsical World

A creative at heart, my passions are writing music, learning the craft of photography, and exploring. Being in the great outdoors at the mercy of the elements is where I feel at my best. Free to roam the wilderness, immersed in nature. Is there a greater feeling? I’m also an avid believer in looking after your health, both mental and physical, with wellness being another interest of mine.

The Day Job

Since graduating university in 2014, I have come to find that being my own boss is the best way to live. Working alongside my extended family in the construction trade, I get to spend time with loved ones, work in the great outdoors and bring home the bacon – all on my own terms! It helps fund our adventures, pays the bills and gives us the flexibility we need for our travels.

Always remember…

“Happiness is the journey, not the destination”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Son & Head of Entertainment of Our Whimsical World

Born in October 2019, this little rascal is now calling the shots! This little explorer grabs life with both hands and runs with it… literally!