Busy Baby Week: Day 5 – Jelly Dig

This one is a real favourite with my little one. Not only is it messy, but it makes a good dessert too! If (like me) you sometimes struggle to let them make too much mess, this one is great because jelly is water-based so doesn’t really stain, and it smells nice too!

Jelly Dig

You’ll need:
• Sugar-free jelly powder or cubes (+ water to make, as per packet instructions)
• Easy to clean water-safe toys
• A large dish, tub or container

Cheap baby-friendly bath toys from the pound shop are perfect!

1) Make up the liquid jelly, as per packet instructions. We used 2 pints (2 sachets) of jelly to fill our dish.
2) Before the jelly goes in to the fridge to set, add the toys. You may want to use a tub with a lid to keep the toys submerged whilst it sets. There won’t be a lot of digging going on if the toys are sitting on the top!

They don’t need to be fully submerged, just enough to encourage your little one to get their hands dirty!

3) Once the jelly is set, you are good to go! Make sure you have a bath or plenty of wet wipes close by – things will get messy!

It didn’t take him long to get stuck in!
He loved his first Jelly Dig! It was tasty too (apparently)!

Does your little one love messy play? What is their favourite activity? Let us know in the comments!

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