Busy Baby Week: Day 4 – Tug Box

If you happen to have some ribbon left over from yesterday’s creation (Ribbon Rings), you can put them to great use in today’s activity! It’s super simple, and once your little one has exhausted the idea, you can recycle or re-use everything!

This activity is great for little ones who are practicing their fine motor skills (especially their pincer grip) and sparking their curiosity.

⚠️ WARNING : all homemade toys come with a risk and your baby should not be left alone with them. Check toys regularly for damage and, if required, discard responsibly. ⚠️

Tug Box

You’ll need:
• A cardboard box
• An assortment of ribbons
• Scissors
• Parcel tape

It might look messy inside, but once you tape it up you won’t see it!

1) Poke some small holes in the sides of the box.
2) Take a length of ribbon and poke it through two of the holes. Either tie both ends together or knot each end to prevent the ribbon being tugged all the way through the hole. Leave a length of ribbon poking out for your little one to pull on.
3) Repeat until all holes are filled.
4) Tape up box to hide the tangled mess inside, leaving only the ‘tuggy’ ribbon ends on the outside.

Teddy loves exploring his homemade Tug Box!

It really is as simple as that!

Do your kids go wild for cardboard boxes? What is the best thing you’ve made from an old box? Let us know in the comments!

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