Busy Baby Week: Day 3 – Ribbon Rings

Another favourite with all the little ones at baby group was the ribbon ring. All babies seem to have a ‘thing’ about labels, and these hand-crafted wonders seem to satisfy that need!

⚠️ WARNING : all homemade toys come with a risk and your baby should not be left alone with them. Check toys regularly for damage and, if required, discard responsibly. ⚠️

Ribbon Rings

You’ll need:
• Curtain ring
• An assortment of ribbons
• Scissors
• Match & candle or lighter

These simple materials make hours of fun!

1) Remove the metal hook from the curtain ring (if there is one).
2) Take a length of ribbon (around 14 inches) and fold it in half around the curtain ring.
3) Tie it in a basic knot twice to secure it on the ring.
4) Repeat this with different coloured ribbons. I used 6 lengths of ribbon in total, but this is just a guide.
5) Cut all of the ribbons to the same length.
6) Carefully heat the ends of the ribbon over a candle or lighter to seal the ends and prevent them from fraying. A gentle wave near the flame is usually enough to heat the ends. Do this by a bowl of water just in case!
7) Double check the ends for any rough patches, and if you’re satisfied, give your creation to your little one to enjoy!

Have you tried making your own ribbon ring? How many minutes of peace did you enjoy? Let us know in the comments!

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