Busy Baby Week: Day 1 – Assault Course

Although I didn’t have the added stress of giving birth during lockdown, my little munchkin has officially spent more of his life being socially distant than not. This means we had enjoyed 5 glorious months of regular mother-and-baby groups, followed by… NOTHING! As we approach his first birthday, he also seems to have exhausted his interest in most of his toys, but I’ll be damned if I’m giving him any presents early! So what can we do?

This week, I’ll be sharing some of the DIY activities I’ve been doing to keep my curious little cherub out of mischief, starting with one that requires minimal effort for maximum reward.

The Assault Course

Sounds intense, but it really isn’t! Depending on how mobile your little one is, you will want to tailor your obstacles to them. Teddy is 10 months and can crawl competently, so tunnels and pillow speed-bumps are perfect to keep him busy for a while. Hiding toys under blankets and cushions also adds to the fun as he explores his new surroundings.

If your little ones are crawling, a tunnel is a must!

I like to set up the room whilst he is napping so he doesn’t see what I’ve hidden, and he loves it! I use sofa cushions to make the tunnels, and cover scatter-cushions with a fluffy blanket to make little bumps in the road. Putting toys on top of the hills encourages him to crawl up and down them, and putting light-up toys in the tunnels adds to the sensory experience.

“Do you mind? I’m busy playing over here!”

Check back tomorrow for another busy baby idea!

Have you tried making an assault course for your little one? What did they enjoy the most? Do you have any top tips or suggestions for other obstacles? Let us know in the comments!

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