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Our Whimsical World : Earth Day

Things may have been a bit quiet on the blog recently, but our real life has been quite the contrary! We’ve been working hard on growing our own Whimsical World with the addition of baby Teddy (he’s six months old already)! However, it is time to get back in the saddle, and what better time than now – Earth Day!

You may have noticed that life has been a bit ‘different’ for all of us recently. Many of us have had a bit more time to reflect on our own direction and put in to perspective what’s important to us all. In testing times like these, I find it useful to find the silver lining in the situation, and for me it has been the effect on our very own whimsical world!

Our beautiful planet is truly unique – a paradox in and of its self. There is just one Earth capable of maintaining human life, however if we don’t adhere to the laws of nature, we will soon suffer at the hands of our own ignorance and face the brutal truth of our own mortal fragility. Perhaps it may not be us personally that pay that ultimate price, but our children and the generations that follow. We must learn from those who have seen the devastation unfold, seek opportunity to innovate and create a sustainable way of life, then make positive changes in our own lives to avoid what is currently inevitable. On this day, as we pause for a moment of reflection, we must not only be present in this moment, but conscious of the effects of our actions in the future.

As we remain couped up in ‘lockdown’, the world has taken the opportunity to breathe. The air is cleaner, the roads are quieter and the dawn chorus sings louder than ever. Whilst nature is blooming all around us, it is hard to imagine any form of dystopian apocalypse, but if come out of this period the same as we went in, it will all have been in vein. We must use the gift of time to learn and change now.

Our time would be used most effectively by doing the following:

  • Learn
  • Do
  • Reflect

Learn: to educate ourselves in the facts, whether it be through watching documentaries, reading about science or engaging with organisations and current affairs online.

Do: to take what we have learned and implement change through observing environmental initiatives, making more efficient lifestyle choices or using our voices to bring change in the wider community.

Reflect: to think about the positive change we have made so far, why it is important and how we will continue to learn and do more to help our cause.

Whether you feel most passionately about wildlife, climate change, the environment, pollution, biodiversity, humanity or peace, they are all connected. Every action we take to improve one area will undoubtedly have a positive impact the other. Doing nothing is not an option.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing some of the things we have learned in recent weeks, practical things that we are doing to improve our family’s lifestyle, and small ways you can incorporate our methodology in to your daily lives too. In the meantime, stay safe, stay at home and save lives.

22nd April 1970 – 2020

For more information on Earth Day, and to join the cause against global destruction, visit:

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