What is it with Starbucks?!

No matter the city, station or even country, we always seem to end up in Starbucks! What is it that keeps us coming back for more? Let’s indulge in a bit of thinking out loud as we explore ‘what is it with Starbucks?!’

Proudly gripping my Grande hot chocolate, no cream with a sprinkle of cinnamon!

So, is it the coffee?

Nope! I don’t drink coffee so it can’t be that! My husband tells me their coffee is good, and they do have an ample array of blends and everything is made to order, but it’s not the coffee.

Is it all in the marketing?

Who doesn’t love a freshly prepared beverage, made just the way you like it, served by a ‘qualified barista’ with your name and a familiar mermaid from Seattle on the cup?! Not to mention the eagerly awaited Christmas cups & a great loyalty scheme! But if you stripped it all back to basics, you just want a coffee ‘to go’ and you don’t care about atmosphere or a fancy cup, you’d probably still choose Starbucks over an unnamed brand. So why? It’s just coffee, right?

Starbucks – good to go!

Is it the customer service?

Having been in hundreds of coffee shops over the years, I can tell you the service can vary hugely! The barista can make or break the experience and you can taste if they care about their job in your drink. I’ve had my order go missing between the till and the serving counter. I’ve been physically knocked out of the way of someone clearing up mugs. More often than not, the conversation consists of about 5 words, taking my money and thrusting my beverage on the counter whilst barking out an interpretation of the names Amy and Joe (Annie & Joel seems to be a popular one)! Somehow I can’t imagine the service is the sole reason we return time after time.

Is it consistency?

If you order a drink as it appears on the menu, the drinks are pretty consistent. I commonly order a medium hot chocolate with no whipped cream, and no matter what country I’m in, it usually provides the same warm cuddle and familiar taste I’m accustomed to. If we go to a country where the language is unfamiliar (like Norway), Starbucks does provide a break from the awkward language barrier and confusing signage. After all, the language of Starbucks is universal, right? So yes, consistency is definitely part of the reason why we love them!

Tastes just as good in Stavanger, Norway

Is it the ambience?

Amazing photos of coffee bean plantations, drawings explaining the process of turning raw beans in to coffee, big cosy couches, bar stools lining windows (perfect for people watching), music in every genre from jazz to indie and everything in between… Each coffee shop is unique, yet they all ultimately make you feel the same: comfortable. Perhaps this is the appeal – no matter where you are in the world, it always feels familiar, just like being at home.

Is it the menu?

The perfect combination of classic customer favourites and seasonal concoctions, the menu does seem to have something for everyone. As I said before, I don’t drink coffee, but I do enjoy a chai latte, juice blends and various teas to name but a few! Whether you fancy your old favourite or trying something new, you can always you’ll find something to enjoy.

So what is it?

I think it has got to be a combination of all of the above! It’s like putting on your favourite pair of slippers or a fabulous new dress all at the same time! It’s a home away from home and you know what you’re getting every time. The product is great, the service is speedy & they can personalise anything to suit your needs. My name might not be Ursula, but I am obsessed with this little mermaid! If you need me, you know where to find me!

No need to hide – everyone loves Starbucks!

What about you? Why do you find yourself repeatedly visiting? What’s your favourite beverage? Share your thoughts in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!

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