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A Day in Stavanger, Norway

If you're cruising to Norway from the UK or Europe, chances are your Norwegian Fjords cruise will include a visit to the charming port city of Stavanger. We've visited on both of our cruises to the region so far, and are scheduled to stop here again in September. So what is there to do in… Continue reading A Day in Stavanger, Norway

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FEATURED POST: A Guide To Going On A Disney Cruise – Bonded By Adventure

If (like us) you are due to embark on your inaugural Disney Cruise, this fantastic article by ‘Bonded By Adventure’ shares first hand experience of what it’s like onboard, and gives a great overview in to what to expect.

Hi there fellow adventurers and Disney lovers and welcome to today’s post! Today we’re going to be sharing our guide to going on a Disney Cruise. Now of course the ships aren’t sailing right now, but hopefully by next year they will be, and it’s not too early to start preparing if you want to go on a Disney Cruise, or even if you’re just interested in finding out about them for some point in the future. So here we go, here’s our guide!


There are four different Disney Cruise ships to choose from. Each one offers different routes and locations, so if you want to go on a Disney Cruise you need to consider where you want to go and what port you want to sail from. Each ship is slightly different, but they all share similar basic features. There are currently four…

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FEATURED POST: 15 Essentials To Pack In Your Cruise Carry On Bag – The World Of Cruise And Travel

As I was planning dreaming of my next cruise, I found this handy article from "The World Of Cruise And Travel". It was so useful I had to share it! Whether you're a first time cruiser or a pro, it's always helpful to have new ideas on what to take in your hand luggage. Hi… Continue reading FEATURED POST: 15 Essentials To Pack In Your Cruise Carry On Bag – The World Of Cruise And Travel

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Cruising the Norwegian Fjords

When to go First things first! Before booking anything we spent a lot of time talking to other people who had previously completed this voyage, and they all advised us to cruise in the spring time when there would still be snow on the top of the fjords but it would be slowly melting meaning… Continue reading Cruising the Norwegian Fjords