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Top Travel Toys For Tots

It’s no secret that we love to travel, but we want to travel light whilst keeping the kids entertained, so here are our top 5 must-have holiday toys for under 3’s.

Things to consider…

Ultimately, when deciding on what to pack, there are 4 basic things to think about.

  1. Size – is it difficult to pack or carry?
  2. Weight – will it be too heavy for your luggage?
  3. Play Time – how long will it keep your little ones entertained?
  4. Batteries required – will you need to take extras or declare your batteries at the airport?

The items we swear by tick all of the boxes! Read on for our tried-and-tested recommendations. Please note, this article contains some affiliate links for your convenience.


There are some great 4-in-1 puzzle packs on the market that offer great value and are very compact.

We love these ones from My First Puzzle – Disney Baby 4 Puzzles (£8.99)

Flash / Snap Cards

Compact and versatile, create new games and learn along the way.

We found these ones on Etsy to be amazing value for money and highly recommended: Alphabet Flash Cards A-Z (£3.99)


Designed to encourage curiosity, the possibilities are endless! Is it a hat? Is it a beach toy? Truth is, it’s whatever you want it to be!

Buy yours from KIDLY here: Bilibo Sensory Toy (£30.00)

Aquadoodle Travel

No mess, lightweight, compact and creative. All you need is a tiny amount of water and a bit of imagination!

Get yours at Argos here: Tomy Aquadoodle AquaDraw Travel Drawing Bag (£10.00)


Every parent’s dream – your kids will want to take their own luggage! Fun and functional, and somewhere to store the above, the Trunki is a must-have for anyone travelling with kids. Did you know you can also design your own?!

Bag yours today directly from Trunki here: Trunki Ride-On Suitcase (£39.99)

Don’t Forget…

Their favourite soft toy / comforter for a good night’s sleep.

Their favourite bed time story.

What are your little one’s must-have toys when travelling? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear your ideas!

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