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Visiting Paulton’s Park with a Toddler

What to expect on a visit to the home of Peppa Pig World with little ones!

Peppa Pig World

Since the opening of Peppa Pig World in April 2011, Paulton’s Park really has become a great attraction for families with little ones. All but one ride is suitable for all ages & heights, and most ride vehicles comfortably sit a family of 4 or more people.

Visiting on a Tuesday in term time, we knew the majority of visitors would be pre-schoolers, but they may as well have closed the rest of the park until 11:00 as EVERYONE headed straight to Peppa Pig World. We arrived at opening time and managed to do 3 rides, meet Peppa & George and have a good run in Mr Potato’s Playground in the first hour! It does get understandably busy in this area, so we started and ended our day here, then used the middle of the day to see the rest of the park, eat, explore the gardens and enjoy some downtime. The queues had gone right down again by 15:00, so if you get a second wind, this is your golden opportunity.

Mr Potato’s Playground is the perfect place to let them loose and burn off steam between queues. There is also a fenced off splash area called Muddy Puddles for those brave enough, but be warned, your kids may not want to come out again! There are benches around for families who want to get suited and booted, as well as a spacious baby/family changing area just a few feet away.

All of the rides in this part of the park are by their very nature family friendly, but a word or warning to those who experience vertigo or motion sickness – the Windy Castle ride is surprisingly… lively! Imagine the tea cups and a ferris wheel had a baby which grew in to an active toddler – this is Windy Castle. Looks cute and serene on the ground, is actually a storm in a tea cup!

Peppa Pig World is a must for little ones!

Tornado Springs

New for 2021, this new land is somewhat reminiscent of the Pixar Cars films! Although not exclusively aimed at under 3s, they do have a great play area called “Parking Lot Tots” which is great for toddlers! Teddy loved it in here – they pumped rock ‘n’ roll music in, had plenty of things to climb on and fences around the swings to prevent excited tots getting bowled over.

He would have spent all day at Parking Lot Tots if he could!

The must-ride for little ones over 80cm is Al’s Auto Academy. Sadly for me (it was Daddy’s turn), this is a one-parent-one-child deal, but anyone left holding the bags can enjoy the experience from the overhead viewing platform (and this is a great spot for taking photos)!

Al’s Auto Academy was a hit with Teddy & Daddy!

Lost Kingdom

Our favourite family ride in this land was the Dinosaur Tour Co. Teddy got to take the wheel on our jeep safari, but be prepared for a surprise – we weren’t, and neither was he! Another ride that’s guaranteed a giggle is Boulder Dash. [Note: my husband did make me go on The Flight of the Pterosaur, and it was horrible. It’s most definitely not one for the little ones!]

There is so much more to Paulton’s Park than the three lands above, from Little Africa to Critter Creek, shows to beautiful gardens, and I want you to explore them for yourself as my descriptions will do them no justice!

So much to see and do at Paulton’s Park!

Top Tips:

Download the official app. This will not only be your ticket for the day if you pre-booked (via QR code, thanks COVID), but it also has the park map and live queue times to help you plan your day. Click here or search “Paulton’s Park” in your phone’s app store. There is free wi-fi if you need it, but there is plenty of signal for data use too.

Look out for scheduled refurbishments. Know before you go to avoid disappointment. Scheduled closures can be found here.

Measure up! Particularly if travelling with older children, measure your child’s height with bare feet at home before you travel (so you know which rides to avoid like the plague)! Height requirements can be found here.

Set a spend limit. Kids of all ages can get carried away in the gift shop, and we all know these things aren’t cheap! This is, after all, the home of the world’s biggest Peppa Pig shop! Explain what your terms are and stick to them to avoid meltdowns and bankruptcy!

Think about nap time. Your kids probably won’t nap in an exciting theme park, but they will get tired, so remember to factor in some down time in the middle of the day.

Pack trunks! My friend advised me of this one, and on a hot day, this is a must! There is a couple of splash zones and your kids will want to go in them. Don’t be the grinch that stole play time – be prepared for them to get wet or you’ll be spending a small fortune on new clothes in the gift shop!

Get here early. Most little ones are at their happiest in the morning after a restful night’s sleep, so hit the ground running as soon as the gates open, and knock out the most popular rides in Peppa Pig world first. We managed to do 3 rides, meet Peppa & George and have a good run in Mr Potato’s play area in the first hour! It gets busy in this area, so we started and ended our day here, then used the middle of the day to see the rest of the park, eat, explore the gardens and enjoy some downtime.

Practical Information:

Address: Paultons Park, Ower, Romsey, The New Forest, Hampshire, England, SO51 6AL.

Trains, Gardens, Trails and Dinosaurs – every kid’s dream!

Have you been to Paulton’s Park with your little ones? Have we missed any top tips? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!

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