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Disney Magic At Sea Must-Haves

The essential items for your Disney Staycation At Sea cruise this year!

Are you one of the lucky ones planning an escape on the high seas with Mickey from the UK this summer? CONGRATULATIONS! As a hardened cruiser and Disney fan, I feel I have earned the right to share my favourite Disney Cruise must-haves for these unique, COVID secure voyages!

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#1 Selfie Stick

Normally I wouldn’t recommend a ‘Selfie Stick’, but during the pandemic, we are not sure if cast members are going to be permitted to handle personal devices. So, if you want that all important family photo with Captain Mickey, you’d better keep your selfie stick handy! This one from Amazon is just £7.99, highly recommended, can also be used as a tripod and comes with a remote too!

#2 Face Coverings

It’s 2021. All guests aged 11+ must wear face coverings all times, except when dining, swimming or in your stateroom. This means you will be wearing them in your character photos! Not only will you want them to look pretty, but you will probably want to bring more than one or two as you will be wearing them a lot during each day. I would recommend bringing at least 2-3 per person, per day if you want to keep them smelling fresh and looking magical.

There are, of course, a number of official Disney masks available on Shop Disney UK, but there are some beautiful hand made ones on websites like Etsy too. As they are often made individually, the stock and designs change all of the time, but we like these ones by Rachaelsimondisney.

Note: Disney is also recommending that children ages 3 to 10 wear a face covering at all times except in designated locations, though this is not essential. Full health and safety information for these cruises can be found on the official website here.

#3 Lanyards

If this is your first Disney cruise, you will not be given a complimentary lanyard to hold your cruise card, so we recommend purchasing one in advance. Official DCL ones can be purchased on board (subject to availability), but they have some great hand made ones on Etsy for a fraction of the price – these ones by Crazyunicorn17 are our favourites!

#4 Cross-body Bag

Bigger than a pocket, smaller than a backpack, cross-body bags are great for popping your phone, face masks and selfie stick in when you’re out and about on deck. I love this classic Minnie Mouse bag from Loungefly, but if you’re on a more modest budget, this Aladdin’s Magic Carpet bag is perfect too!

#5 Hand Sanitiser

Again, it’s 2021. Disney will have hand washing and sanitising stations everywhere, but you can never be too careful these days! These super cute Disney ones are available on Amazon and come with a handy carabiner clip for convenience.

BONUS: Hidden Treasures of the Disney Cruise Line Book

Available in paperback or audio, this book by Jim Korkis is a must-read for any Disney enthusiast. Jim regularly features on the WDW Radio podcast and is full of fun facts and anecdotes about all things Disney. It will give you lots of behind-the-scenes details to help you get excited for your upcoming voyage (and make you in to a fountain of knowledge on board)! It is a bit nerdy though, hence this is a bonus item, not an essential!

So there you have it! Our must-have items for your Disney Cruise in 2021.

Have I missed any must-haves for these unique 2021 ‘Staycation At Sea’ cruises? Let me know in the comments!

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