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5 Unusual Cruise Essentials

What are they and why you need them!

For your convenience, this article includes affiliate links to specific products which we use – perfect for helping you get ship-shape before your next sailing!

Blank Greetings Cards
Not your birthday while you’re away? You’re bound to meet some who is celebrating theirs! And if you don’t use your cards for celebrating your new friend’s special occasions, you’ll want them to thank your cabin steward and other amazing members of the crew for making your stay incredible! Check out these ones – they’re UK themed and eco-friendly too!

Thermal Travel Mugs
Perfect for taking hot drinks out and about on deck and on dock. We use ThermoCafe mugs by Thermos as they keep your drinks hot and the handle means no drink is too hot to handle. Make a cuppa in your cabin, head down to disembarkation and hit the ground running on port days! Or take it out on deck to soak up the sunrise before the rest of the ship wakes.

Washing Up Liquid, Sponge and a Tea Towel
Technically 3-in-1 here, but you’ll need them all to wash up your mugs of course! If you have young children that like to drink out of a specific vessel, you’ll need to keep them clean too, so don’t forget them! Don’t hate me for suggesting you do washing up on your holiday – it’s only a couple of mugs! We simply dispense our normal washing up liquid from home in to one of these handy travel bottles.

Laundry Capsules
We love these eco-friendly ones from Smol (we use them every day at home – they’re small and oh so mighty – read why we love them here). They are ideal for washing your swimwear and, if you need to pack light or are taking a longer cruise, many cruise lines have self-service laundry facilities which come in super handy, but you’ll need to bring or buy detergent! Thank me later!

Highlighter Pen
So call me old-school, but I like rushing back to the cabin after dinner to see what’s happening the next day! Some cruise liners are now moving this to a digital app, and that is great for the planet, but I prefer real paper and a pen for marking out your must-do activities on the daily cruise planner. These pastel ones from Stabilo Boss are tried and tested!

Honourable Mentions

  • Magnets to stick daily planners, tickets, reminders etc. to the back of your cabin door. You can even get these ones with hooks on to give you more storage too! Every inch counts!
  • Lanyard with clip or card sleeve, to keep your cruise card handy.
  • Clothes Pegs, for hanging swimwear to dry in your cabin (they often have a retractable line in the shower, but never any pegs).
  • Tea bags, if you like a particular brew or your chosen cruise line doesn’t provide them in the cabin. This is important stuff for us Brits – check before you travel!
  • Re-usable shopping bags, for the souvenirs that just won’t fit in your suitcase.
Feel free to save this handy packing list to Pinterest for safe keeping!

Have I missed anything that you think is a cruise essential? What are your tips for first timers? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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