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Soaring over the Grand Canyon

In 2017, Joe & I were lucky enough to check off a lot of our bucket list items as we toured ‘California and the Golden West‘ on our honeymoon. Flying over the Grand Canyon had to be one of the ultimate highlights, and we will surely remember it for the rest of our lives.

As this was a pre-booked extra on our escorted coach tour, we didn’t have too much opportunity to shop around, and we happily booked 2 seats on the recommended helicopter tour. One pilot will take 6 guests with them, and they arrange the seating depending on weight so as to balance the helicopter for obvious reasons. You are each given a set of headphones to wear, which during the flight played factual narration, perfectly timed epic music to accompany your journey, and the comforting voice of your confident pilot!

Apprehensive before the flight, but it’s only natural!

Having never flown in a helicopter before, we were a little anxious as to what it would feel like, and we were thankful it wasn’t a windy day. You could feel the breeze catching the helicopter, and it would give your tummy a little flutter with every gust, but we soon got used to it. Any nerves were soon forgotten about as we passed over the canyon rim and the Star Wars theme burst in to our ears! The combination of jaw-dropping beauty and powerful orchestral score made for a truly tear-jerking moment. Thinking back to it, I can almost feel the lump in my throat once more! As the flight proceeds around the canyon, you can appreciate it’s sheer scale and beauty. It is truly a natural wonder, and something unlike anything we have ever seen. Trust me when I say the couple of photos I took do not do it justice – we just wanted to sit back and take it all in!

The Grand Canyon really is a sight to behold!

The best thing about this particular experience was that I got to right shotgun up front! The worst thing – Joe had to ride backwards with an awkward view out of the side window! Although the experience overall was AMAZING, it was not the most romantic thing we did on our honeymoon! In hind-sight, we should have payed a little more and opted for the private helicopter tour… but if you ever get the opportunity to do a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, JUST DO IT!

The view from the passenger seat was incredible! I got to experience riding shotgun and seeing the approach to the canyon head-on!

Few things can follow this experience, but a walk around the South Rim just about hit the spot! The canyon is just as impressive when you’re walking on it, simply because it puts the sheer scale in to perspective, and seeing your spouse walking a little closer to the edge than you’d like is almost as breath-taking! The views from the top are incredible and there are some lovely walks to be had, depending on how much time you have. If you want the most authentic Canyon experience, you can take a mule ride down to the Canyon floor and back, but this trek takes a few days and I personally would feel bad for the mule! One thing to note however: there is no bottled water on sale here! In an effort to clamp down on littering, you are encouraged to bring your own water and re-fill it, and boy do you need it in summer! We visited in September and it was HOT! Come prepared though, and you will have the most memorable day, whatever the weather.

Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon? What was your highlight? Let us know in the comments!

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