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It’s In The Bag! Top 10 Tots Must-Haves for Day Tripping

Every parent of young kids will know just how important the changing bag is. Mary Poppins would be proud of what you can fit in there! But do you really need everything in there? If you had to narrow it down to just 10 items, what are the essentials? Here are the ‘bear necessities’ that we take on a day out with our cub, Teddy.

1) Sun Screen. Whatever the weather, protecting your little one’s sensitive skin from harmful UV rays is paramount, and you should always use SPF 50+. We love this one by Toddle Born Wild. It’s made in the UK, contains no harsh chemicals, is vegan friendly, fully recyclable AND is suitable for the whole family. Whats not to love?!

2) Snacks. All the excitement works up an appetite, and our little cub is always ready for a snack! His on-the-go favourites are Bear Paws Fruit Snacks and Organix Soft Oaty Bars. We are always sure to keep a couple in the changing bag for ’emergencies’.

3) Change of clothes. If you didn’t take them, you know you’d need them. You’re only ever one wrong move from an accident or muddy puddle, so it’s best to come prepared. Our family love to wear anything by Joules as they are high quality and hard-wearing! Teddy loves charging around in a pair of lively leggings!

4) Toddler backpack (with reins). Some find toddler reins controversial, but I think they are an essential. Teddy is NOT a hand holder, and if I didn’t have these life-saving reins, he would have already been for a swim in the local duck pond and got stuck in a hedge. LittleLife do the cutest designs, and if they insist on taking their favourite toy, they can carry it in their own little backpack too!

We’d have lost Teddy a hundred times before now if it weren’t for his LittleLife toddler backpack! He is so sociable, he would wander off with anyone who gave him some attention!

5) Nappies. It goes without saying that you need these! You can change your little one a hundred times before you leave, but you can bet by the time you get down the road they will need a full-on change. Take more than you usually need, but be sensible! We love the Lupilu range from Lidl – it’s all Teddy has worn since birth!

6) Nappy bags. Again, controversial, but we don’t use these at home (there is enough single use plastic in the world for our liking), but when you’re out and about, it is common courtesy to save everyone else from the stench! We love these Biodegradable Nappy Sacks from Kit & Kin.

7) Wet wipes. A lot of people are not aware of how much plastic is in a typical mainstream wet wipe, but it is actually a huge concern to environmentalists. They take years to break down and can cause serious issues if ingested by wildlife. Bambo Nature do a fantastic range of Biodegradable Wet Wipes which are reasonably priced and fragrance free.

8) Water bottle. Hydration is key to overall health, so having plenty of water available at all times is crucial. Depending on your little one’s abilities and preferences, they will already have a favourite cup. Teddy’s favourite is his Miracle 360 spoutless beaker by Munchkin.

9) Pelican Bib. These have saved my stain remover and floor so many times! There are many designs available online, but these Silicone Bibs from KIDLY are great!

He loves to eat, but boy does he know how to make a mess! These bibs catch almost everything, and he’ll aways route around in there at the end of his meal to see if there are any leftovers!

10) Hand Sanitiser. Hey, it’s 2021! Where would we be without hand sanitiser?! This amazing Probiotic Hand Gel from Toddle Born Wild is a real winner as it’s suitable from birth. No alcohol, just skin-friendly ingredients that promote healthy hand hygiene.

Obviously my keys, phone, wallet and face masks (again, it’s 2021) are in the relevant pockets too, but Teddy doesn’t need to concern himself with those just yet!

Fancy winning some of these goodies for yourself? Check our our Instagram!

What are your changing bag must-haves? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Article contains some affiliate links to trusted sellers. Happy shopping! 🛍️

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